Accounting services


About Us

Our company was established in December 2006 and specialises in accounting services and tax consulting. The company was founded by Anita Blumberga who has extensive experience in accounting gained while working as chief accountant, financial manager, auditor and tax consultant.

The friendly team of SIA Debets works to ensure the accuracy of your company accounts, and that they comply with the changing regulatory environment, as well as ensuring confidentiality.

We address all accounting-related issues enabling you to focus on other matters. We are interested in the development of your company.

Accounting services

Accounting constitutes an integral part of any business andrequires time, accuracy and responsibility. To ensure the successful operation of your company we offer the following services:

  • Computerised, efficient, system, classified, transparent accounting in compliance with Latvian and EU legislation; 
  • Wage and salary calculation; 
  • Cash accounting; 
  • Tax calculation; 
  • Optimisation of tax liabilities; 
  • Preparation of reports, annual reports and balance sheets for submission to the State Revenue Service, the Central Statistical Bureau, and the management of the company; 
  • Timely Regular? calculation of projected financial (figures)indicators; information to the management of the company on the said financial (figures) indicators by highlighting the opportunities for the improvement of problematic figures; 
  • Representation of the company‘s interests in relations with the State Revenue Service and other state authorities; 
  • Start-up advisory services and first-time registration of the company with the State Revenue Service; 
  • Consultations on accounting issues; 
  • Consultations on application of tax legislation; 
  • Consultations on internal audit procedures; 
  • Preparation of income declarations of private individuals; representation of private individuals at the State Revenue Service.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and an experienced specialist will provide you with all the required information and the most suitable solutions.


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